Kriegsmarine uniforms

Feldanzug Dienstanzug Wachanzug Paradeanzug Meldeanzug
kleiner Gesellschaftsanzug großer  Gesellschaftsanzug Ausgehanzug Sportanzug  


Rock for officers ( Adjutant) Jacket for officers (Kpt.Lt.) Jacket for NCO´s and men

White and blue shirt

Standart oufit for men, Maate and Obermaate was the blue colored shirt. The blue shirt was worn to all Anzugarten. The commanding officer could order to wear the white shirt also to the Anzugarten; without permission it was worn to the Ausgehanzug, Sundays, Holidays, in summer, on leaf, at mess, in the kitchen, bath-houses and in the office. Usually a blue collar with three white stripes was worn to the blue and white shirt. The white shirt had blue cuffs with three white stripes closed by a golden button. The blue collar is worn over the jacket but under the Überzieher. Additionally a folded silk scarf with a shipsknot is worn.

Working rig (Arbeitsbluse)

The Arbeitsbluse is worn with the kleiner Dienstanzug which means during daily duty on board, spare time on board, field- and landing-duty by men. Different to the white shirt the Arbeitsbluse is wider and worn outside of the trousers. Laufbahn- and rank-insignia same as on the white shirt. Maate and Obermaate do not have a Arbeitsbluse.


The Jacke is worn with the Dienstanzug in summer and the Ausgehanzug of men and NCO´s without portepee. The whit or the blue shirt could be worn with it. The jacket is made of blue cloth, the buttons are golden with imprinted anchors. The eagle is usually made of golden silk. Maate and Obermaate have golden embroidered Tressen.


Men and NCO´s without Portepee wear the Überzieher at bad or cold weather as far as no leather-jackets are issued. The Überzieher could also be worn with the Ausgehanzug in summer without the jacket underneath. Blue cloth; Golden buttons with imprinted anchors; national-insignia in golden silk; collar cornflower-blue cloth. Maate and Obermaate wear beside the rank-insignia a 0,5cm silver Tresse (Maat) or 2 silver Tressen (Obermaat) on the collar patch.

The Jackett for NCO´s with portepee

The standard uniform piece for Fähnriche, Portepee-Unteroffiziere and Wehrmacht-officials without officer-rank is the blue Jackett. It is worn with all Anzugarten. Fähnriche and Oberfähnriche also have the officer mess-jacket beside the white and blue jackett.Oberfähnriche and Marineunterärzte also have the officer-coat (Rock). At the beginning of the war Portepee-Unteroffiziere had to close all five buttons of the tunic. Newer uniform regulations allowed them also just to close the lower 4 buttons.
Blue Jackett White Jackett
The blue jackett for Portepee-Unteroffiziere and Wehrmacht-officials without officer-rank. Buttons golden for Portepee-Unteroffiziere, silver for officials. National-insignia in gold for Portepee-Unteroffiziere, silver for officials. Laufbahnabzeichen just for Fähnriche and Oberfähnriche. The white jackett for Portepee-Unteroffiziere and Wehrmacht officials without officer-rank. Buttons as on the blue jackett.The national-insignia removable in white or golden metal.

White and blue Jackett for officers and officials

The blue jackett for officers and officials with rank officer is worn with the Paradeanzug, kleiner Dienstanzug, Ausgehanzug during the week on Navy-bases except in Berlin. The blue jackett of the officers is the same as for the NCO´s without portepee except the shoulder boards. Officers just closed the lower 4 buttons. The white jackett for officers and officials with officer rank is worn with the tropical tunic, from 1.Mai to 30.September instead of the blue jackett on board when the crew also wears white tunics or trousers, if the commanding officer orders it, on Navy-bases and sea-baths as Ausgehanzug. With the white jackett the white trousers are worn except in the office. In offices the white jackett may also be worn in winter. The (stick-on) national-insignia is of golden metal for officers, silver for officials with white background for active officers, black for officers d.R. and in the color of arms for officials.


The blue Messejacke is worn by officers and officials with rank officer if the senior officer orders it instead of the jackett to the großer and kleiner Gesellschaftsanzug. Cloth: blue, Cuff-Tressen, Laufbahnabzeichen, national-insignia and buttons as on the coat (Rock) The white Messejacke has shoulder-boards with ranks and national-insignia in golden metal (stick-on)

Rock for officers and officials with officer rank

The Rock with Epauletten is worn with the großer Gesellschaftsanzug, with shoulder-boards with the Dienstanzug, Ausgehanzug, großer/kleiner Gesellschaftsanzug.


The coat was issued to officers including Fähnriche and officials with officer rank.

Der Spanier

The Spanier was issued to officers, Musikinspizienten, Musikmeister and officials with rank officer. Buttons and chain gold for officers, silver for officials.