Uniformen der Luftwaffe

Paradeanzug für Offiziere Kleiner Dienstanzug für Offiziere Kleiner Ausgehanzug für Uffz. und Mannschaften

Der Tuchrock

The "Tuchrock" is worn with blue-mottled shirt and black tie to: Paradeanzug, Dienstanzug of Offiziere and Portepee-Unteroffiziere, kleiner Dienstanzug of Offiziere, Meldeanzug, Ausgehanzug (also white shirt allowed), Flugdienstanzug of Offiziere instead of the normally worn Fliegerbluse, Kleiner and Großer Gesellschaftsanzug of Mannschaften and Unteroffiziere, Kleinen and Großen Tagesgesellschaftsanzug of Offiziere.

The "Tuchrock" was replaced by the Waffenrock within the early war-years. Cloth-, collar- and cuff-color: grey-blue; Buttons aluminium. Buttons on the shoulders without company-number. Generals, Ingenieure and officials with rank general golden buttons.


Fliegerbluse for Unteroffiziere and Mannschaften Fliegerbluse for Offiziere
The "Fliegerbluse" is worn open or closed collar with "Kragenbinde" with Flugdienstanzug on Mannschaften and Unteroffiziere, Feldanzug of Mannschaften and Unteroffiziere, Dienstanzug of Mannschaften and Unteroffiziere ohne Portepee; with blue-mottled shirt, "Klappkragen" and black tie to Flugdienstanzug and Feldanzug of Offiziere, kleiner Dienstanzug of commanding Unteroffiziere, kleiner Dienstanzug of Offiziere instead of the usuall Tuchrock.
The stock of Fliegerblusen is used up in the early war-years and the Fliegerblusen are replaced by the Waffenrock then. Officers, Musikinspizienten, Musikmeister, Ingenieure and Nautiker the Fliegerbluse is the standard outfit at duty in a office or light duty.


The "Waffenrock" replaced the Fliegerbluse and the Tuchrock within the first years. The Waffenrock could be worn with open or closed collar. Standard is the open collar. Buttons, colors same as on the Tuchrock

Kleiner Rock

The "kleiner Rock" was worn by generals including medical officers, officials and Ingenieure with rank general with the kleiner Dienstanzug, Ausgehanzug and kleiner Gesellschaftsanzug (instead of the Tuchrock) The tunic has piping in Waffenfarbe: Generals-white, officials-darkgreen, Ingenieure-pink. White shirt has to be worn with the "kleiner Rock".


The "Sommerrock" is worn by officers, officials, Ingenieure and Nautiker in the time from 1.April to 30.September with Ausgehanzug, kleiner Dienstanug, kleiner and großer Tagesgesellschaftsanzug. Not in this time period it is also allowed to wear it in offices. White clothes are standard but with Ausgehanzug and kleiner Dienstanzug the blue-mottled shirt is also allowed.

Jacke des Abendgesellschaftsanzuges

The Jacke is made of bue-grey cloth; collar-piping, shoulder-straps, buttons as the Tuchrock.On the street the Jacke has to be combined with the Umhang or Mantel.A dress-shirt with "Perlmutt"-buttons and stiff collar has to be worn.

Der Mantel

The "Mantel" is usually worn with the upper three buttons open. Cloth: grey-blue. Collar, shoulder-straps, buttons as on the Tuckrock. Generals, officials and Ingenieure at rank general have a breast-flap-lining in Waffenfarbe. Officers are allowed to wear rubber-coats, grey-blue weather-coats and grey-blue leather-coats without shoulder-straps.


The "Umhang" is worn by officers, Ingenieure, Nautiker and officials. It may be worn at all occasions where same uniforms for Mannschaften, Unteroffiziere and Offiziere is not ordered. The Umhang is grey-blue. Generals, officials and Ingenieure have piping and the reverse side of the collar in Waffenfarbe.


The "Fliegerschutzanzug" is worn by aircraft-crews